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Proud to Support the

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre 


Dr. Heather Ross has a project worth investing in. She is leading the application of AI – artificial intelligence – to breakthroughs in cardiac research and care. I am proud to be a patron-level donor to Dr. Heather Ross, Canada’s treasured ‘heart doctor’ at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. Ross is making a huge contribution to medical science while leading a multidisciplinary team to transform cardiac care delivery and outcomes for heart failure patients through the use of big data and technology, having a global impact in this field of medicine.

Canada's Treasured Heart Doctor


Dr. Heather Ross and event co-chairs Dr. Bernie Gosevitz and Anne-Marie Canning. (Photo: UHN/PMCC)

Proud Patron of  Dr. Heather Ross,

Cardiac Research Innovation 

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