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Proud Supporter of the Emmy Noether Initiative

Curiosity doesn't have a gender. Perimeter Institute aims to effect real change in the under-representation of women in theoretical physics through a series of special initiatives named after pioneering German mathematician Emmy Noether.

The Emmy Noether Initiatives at the Perimeter Institute includes Inspiring Future Women in Science featuring support for leading Canadian women physicists, engineers, mathematicians, media personalities, and more through wonderful annual events for high school students.  These events are an important first step in supporting and encouraging women in the sciences.

Perimeter is ecstatic to be supporting Donna Strickland and her work with lasers.  If you didn't hear, Ms. Strickland has become the third woman to ever win a Nobel Prize in Physics (2018).  

‘just wanted to do something fun’

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Strickland's Physics Nobel is for developing

what is known as chirped pulse amplification –

a way to create blasts of laser light that deliver massive amounts of energy in a trillionth of a second or less.


The technique is now used across a wide range

of applications from laser eye surgery to glass cutting.

Our understanding of the critical importance of science to our shared future has never been stronger.

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