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Cogito, ergo sum 

            Dem idcirco incussus


I have given much thought to my

culturepreneurism; my targeted philanthropy. Giving to individuals and to sectors to have Impact.


IMG_5231 (1) Anne-Marie Canning Arms Cro

Anne-Marie Canning leveraged a degree in fine art history with a passion for the arts and Canadian cultural promotion in the broadest sense of the word to have a career in cultural marketing.

Anne-Marie was an early supporter of the Canadian experiment known as Harbourfront in Toronto. Founded by the Canadian federal government, in partnership with the province of Ontario and the City of Toronto, its goal was to revitalize a then 100-acre derelict, industrial waterfront wasteland into a dynamic, go-to destination. Through public and private participation, the revitalization gave birth to a unique residential and commercial space home to cultural arts experiences on a year-round basis.

Canning took that experience and those lessons of cultural enterprise to heart becoming a culturalpreneur part promoter, part advisor and significant financial supporter of many Canadian institutions such as the National Ballet of Canada, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the Musical Stage Company whose purpose is fostering the creation and growth of Canadian musical theatre talent. Most recently, Canning became a patron to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and is a member of its Women's Advisory Council (WAC) and co-chair of its efforts to launch a Women's Art Acquisition Fund. Canning is also a patron to the WAC-initiated exhibition of Canadian Women artists of the 1920s and 30s called UNINVITED. 

Ms. Canning is a gender empowerment philanthropist giving significant support to the advancement of women through the TIFF Share Her Journey Fund helping women in film and the Emmy Noether Initiatives at Perimeter which seeks to mentor, encourage and ensure more women are represented in science and physics. The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is an independent research centre located in Waterloo, Ontario.

Anne-Marie Canning is also well-recognized for her contributions to supporting research and breakthrough advances in science within the University Health Network (UHN), Canada’s largest health and medical research organization located in Toronto, Canada. Of particular interest to Canning is the application of AI – artificial intelligence – to breakthroughs in cardiac research and care. She is a patron-level donor to Dr. Heather Ross, Canada’s treasured ‘heart doctor’ at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. Ross is leading a multidisciplinary team to transform cardiac care delivery and outcomes for heart failure patients through the use of big data and technology, having a global impact in this field of medicine.

Canning lives in Toronto where she is respected as a modern, conscious philanthropist and a true Canadian patriot.  Canning is unwavering in her commitment to investing in the essence of what  creates and sustains a 21st century Canadian society – innovation, culture, diversity of thought and application of the best in technological advances.

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