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Proud Supporter of the Emmy Noether Initiative

Our understanding of the critical importance of science to our shared future has never been stronger.

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics is a made-in-Canada success story. Founded in 1999 and described by Stephen Hawking as “… one of the world’s leading centres in theoretical physics, if not the leading centre”, it is recognized as an acclaimed centre of research in the lowest-cost, highest-return area of science: fundamental physics.

Perimeter is the destination of choice for many of the field’s leaders and for rising young talent. Their discoveries will make possible the next wave of transformative technologies to further humanity in ways we have only begun to imagine.

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Now, more than ever, we have to harness all of the brightest minds, and that includes women.

Curiosity and talent don’t have a gender. Through it’s Emmy Noether Initiatives, Perimeter Institute is changing the under-representation of women in theoretical physics through a series of special programs. 


From outreach to high school girls, to training for undergraduates and graduates, and career development for researchers up to the most senior levels, Perimeter inspires and provides leadership to women of all ages.

The Emerging Talent Fund advances women in science at Perimeter as a way of building a brighter future for Canada and, indeed, the world.


Two brilliant students, Barbara Soda and Amalia Madden, are the beneficiaries of my support. Both of these young women are at the beginning of their PhDs and will become role models for other young women who are equally passionate about science.


The Emerging Talent Fund scholarships will enable young women to forge new paths to a better world.

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To learn more about this world-acclaimed institute and its pioneering initiatives for women, please click here.

Strickland's Physics Nobel is for developing what is known as chirped pulse amplification – a way to create blasts of laser light that deliver massive amounts of energy in a trillionth of a second or less.


The technique is now used across a wide range of applications from laser eye surgery to glass cutting.

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