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Proud to Support the

Peter Munk Cardiac Centre 


Proud Patron of  Dr. Heather Ross,

Cardiac Research Innovation 

I am proud to be a patron-level donor of Dr. Heather Ross, Canada’s treasured “heart doctor” at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre. Dr. Ross is leading the medical field’s shift away from “one treatment fits all” towards personalized and precision medicine, where a patient’s unique physiology and genetic composition guides treatment. This is of particular importance to women and diverse populations, as the majority of heart-related research to date have used an older, white male as the typical patient. 

In just five years Dr. Ross has built the infrastructure necessary to deliver personalized and precision medicine and uncover new ways to treat patients with heart disease including the the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre's Biobank with over 150,000 patient blood and tissue samples - one of the largest biobanks in the country. In addition she established the Peter Munk Digital Cardiovascular Health Platform - the largest date platform in Canada. To date, it has merged data from over 67 databases with 1.6 billion data points from 2 million patients. Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Dr. Ross can interpret patterns with this data, leading to tailored models of care that improve patient outcomes.


In 2019, Dr. Ross was the first women to receive the Canadian Heart Failure Society’s Annual Achievement Award. In recognition of her expertise and the way in which she has supported the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre’s pandemic response, Dr. Ross is now serving as the lead for the Ontario government -  CORHealth for Heart Failure for Covid-19.

Canada's Treasured Heart Doctor


Dr. Heather Ross and event co-chairs Dr. Bernie Gosevitz and Anne-Marie Canning. (Photo: UHN/PMCC)

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