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Proud Supporter of the National Ballet of Canada

Dancers are at the very heart of what makes The National Ballet of Canada so extraordinary. They inspire audiences with their passionate performances, breathtaking physicality and exceptional artistry.  Since 2013, Anne Marie celebrates their exceptional talent as a proud supporter of Dancers First, sponsoring Corps de Ballet member, Giorgio Galli.


New ballet productions are a key part of Karen Kain’s artistic strategy for The National Ballet of Canada. As a production supporter, Anne Marie deeply believes in the importance of investing in creative teams who develop visionary ideas to create new works of art.

The National Ballet’s growing reputation for leading dancers and unique original productions has raised the company’s international profile and it is now a creative collaborator of choice among ballet companies worldwide. As a result, the National Ballet – and, Canadian culture, itself – is celebrated for artistic excellence and innovation on the world stage.


Giorgio Galli


Giorgio Galli was born in Carate Brianza, Italy and trained at Teatro alla Scala Ballet School in Italy and The Royal Ballet School in England. Mr. Galli joined The National Ballet of Canada in 2009 and became a member of the Corps de Ballet in 2010. 

To know more about Giorgio, please click here.

Proud to support Giorgio as a  Dancers First member


“Knowing there is someone out there in the audience supporting my progress in the company is extremely encouraging. Through Dancers First I get to know that person and build a connection with them, sharing the excitement of being part of such a fine art form.”-

Giorgio Galli, Corps de Ballet member

Robert Binet


Robert has created ‘The Dreamers Ever Leave You’, ‘The Sea Above, The Sky Below’, ‘Self and Soul’, ‘The Wild Space Between Two Hearts’, ‘These Worlds In Us’ and ‘Unearth’ for the National Ballet of Canada since joining the company in 2013. He also ‘Orpheus Becomes Eurydice’, a co-production between The National Ballet of Canada and the Banff Centre. Robert spoke and presented excerpts of ‘Orpheus Becomes Eurydice’ at TEDxToronto 2015. Prior to joining the company, Robert created numerous works for The National Ballet of Canada’s Choreographic Labs and the YouDance apprentice programme, and a new work for the NBoC’s 60th anniversary Gala in June 2012.

Robert was selected by Karen Kain as her protégé for the 2017 Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards Mentorship Programme.

Robert Binet.png

“Mr. Binet’s choreographic voice in “The Blue of Distance” is the strangest and most remarkably poetic among the premieres” – The New York Times


“Binet is more than a breath of fresh air in the ballet world; he’s like a blast of Novocain. Here’s a choreographer with a rich and extensive imagination who wants to do things differently and clearly has the skills to realize his ideas. He’s an artist who is asking questions of what ballet should and can do, and you can see these questions in his multivalent and technically intricate work. You can also see that he wants to push himself further, and I suspect we’ll be seeing bold innovation in the years ahead.” - The Globe and Mail

Proud to support Robert through the Soaring Program

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